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KD 4 Nerf

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Brand: Nike

Style: 517408-400
Release Date: 2011-12-17

Through four years of selling shoes, Kevin Durantís sneakers had never been as hyped as the KD 4 Nerf release was. The Nerf KD IV only released at a handful of locations around the world and because of that, sold out with the quickness. Of course, who doesnít love Nerf? The slick design of the packaging for the Nike KD 4 Nerf was enough to stir up memories for anyone who owned a Nerf basketball hoop as a kid. The unique packaging actually came equipped with a Nerf hoop and ball, which made this release perfect for stuntiní on KD-hating coworkers that brought up the Based God curse. From a design perspective, the KD 4 was a shoe that pushed the envelope of the Durant signature line. Nike designer Leo Chang created a basketball shoe that grabbed the attention of people who had never considered previous KD models. The cross-foot strap of the KD 4 gave it a visual pop that was recognizable from a distance, especially on this Nerf edition with a KD35 logo inspired by the OG Nerf logo. Of course with bright neon colors, a speckled midsole, and paint splatter across the strap, the Nike KD 4 Nerf is truly a neckbreaker and one of the most sought after Kevin Durant shoes ever created.